A collection of useful links on aggression and aggression research:

  1. ADHD-Europe is a non-profit umbrella organisation comprising 30 parent and/or adult ADHD support associations from 21 European countries. ADHD-Europe advocates for the rights and interests of people affected by ADHD and co-morbid conditions, and raises awareness about ADHD in order to combat ignorance, stigma and intolerance with regard to the condition.

    Website ADHD-Europe
  2. Radio Interview by Will Norton: Using zebrafish, Dr. Norton is hoping that a greater understanding of aggression will significantly improve the lives of patients and their families by identifying novel therapeutic treatments for this behaviour.

    Radio Interview by Will Norton
  3. Aggressotype on a dutch popular science TV-show: Dr. Glennon, one of the senior scientists in the Aggressotype team talked about his research in the Dutch popular science TV-show 'Proefkonijnen' on March2, 2015. In a little experiment he and his team tested the presenters for their reactive and instrumental aggression potential using questionnaires, autonomic measures, and a small task. 

    Aggressotype on a dutch popular science TV-show 
    (the scene starts at 4:05-7:08, in Dutch)
  4. Aggressotype researchers unravels the role of testosterone in brain activity to social threat. As published in June 2015 in the prestigious journal Science Advances Karin Roelofs and coworkers found out that testosterone biases the amygdala toward social threat approach. The study shows that testosterone administration increases amygdala response in healthy women during threat approach and decreases it during threat avoidance. These findings support and extend motivational salience models by offering a neuroendocrine meachnism of motivation-specific amygdala tuning.

    Link to Website sciencemag.org