Genalice B.V.
Deventerweg 9D
The Netherlands

Project leader

Bert Reijmerink

Chief Strategy Officer
Phone:+318 812 21000
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Project staff

Bas Tolhuis

Deployment Manager
Phone:+31 88 1221 000
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Institute presentation

GENALICE is a young innovative software company. With our groundbreaking software solutions in the field of medical big data processing and analytics/correlation, we want to make an important contribution to better diagnosis and treatment of complex DNA diseases, such as cancer.

We build all of our software solutions in-house with a dedicated and highly motivated team of developers. We strive for perfection and customer delight and aim to be a ‘Great place to work’.

Our Mission:

“To save lives and increase the quality of life of people suffering from complex DNA diseases, such as cancer”.

Together with the input from researchers and the financial support from our investors, GENALICE can create a better future for these patients.