Children Hospital Bambino Gesù Child Neuropsychiatry Unit
Piazza. S. Onofrio 4
00165, Rome Italy


Project leader

Stefano Vicari, MD

Phone::+39 06 68 59 24 53
Fax: +39 06 68 59 25 40
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Project staff

Paola De Rose, MD, PhD

Phone::+39 06 68 59 27 35
Fax:+39 06 68 59 25 40
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Sonya Jane Martin 

Grant and Technology Transfer

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Institute presentation

The Child Psychiatry Unit of the Children Hospital Bambino Gesù is considered to be one of the national points of reference for the assessment and treatment of developmental disorders, psychosis and behavioral disorders in children and adolescents and collaborates with some of the most important associations and departments of child neuropsychiatry in Italy. The unit evaluates about 6,000 new patients each year. Moreover, we assess more than 200 psychotic patients and more than 300 patients with ADHD per year. The department is notable for its research in neuropsychology and neurobiological approach (including metabolic studies and neuroimaging) that involves developmental disorders (including mental retardation, psychosis, autism, learning and language disorders, ADHD, mood and behavior and other psychiatric disorders). Our unit is already involved in the Paediatric European Risperidone Studies (PERS) and has already a database of patients with CD and ADHD.

The Children Hospital Bambino Gesu receives 45.000,00 Euro EU-funding for their participation in the Aggressotype project.